Interior Trim
Interior Trim:

Name: Crown MoldingInteriorCrownMLD-MD.jpg

Description: An architectural trim panel for a solarium, pool enclosure, cathedral, or conservatory sunspace. It is installed in between each rib with an adhesive and can be painted to preferred color.

Benefits: used to enhance the cosmetics of the interior ceiling / wall line.

Best Uses: Interior room of our glass buildings.


Name: Interior Grids in GlassInternaGrids-MD.jpg

Description: Internal grids are cross sections made of a light weight but sturdy aluminum. The grids are color matched to each set of windows to meet the styles desired of you the customer. The grids are fastened inside of the low-e glazing to make your sunspace really stand out. We take extra care and special attention to detail to makes sure all grids align up with one another, even with operable windows.

Benefits: Appearance and style

Best Uses: In all preferred glazing as an added option.


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