Living Greenhouse

The term “greenhouse” has been around almost since the beginning of civilization. The word means “a light filled area in which you can control the environment.”  A greenhouse is much more than a glass or polycarbonate structure.  With a quality construction and the right accessories, you’ll be able to grow plants year round in a controlled environment.

Not just a “hot box,” the greenhouses by Sunshine Rooms are made for living.  People and plants will be comfortable and protected in our top of the line greenhouses.

Gardener’s Elite Plus 

This greenhouse is constructed using the same structural aluminum framework found in our solariums and conservatories.  The greenhouse is made to withstand average snow / wind loads without caving in.  You’ll be able to effectively heat the greenhouse through most winters.

Gardner’s Elite XL

This greenhouse features the standard structural framing of the Elite Plus with the addition of thermally broken members. This will significantly reduce the transfer of heat and cold.  By standing up to the harshest winters, this greenhouse will provide a year round home for your plants.  You may also choose to include hi-performance insulated glass with this model.

Gardener’s Elite XL-C

The same quality as the Elite XL but made with the distinctive curved glass eaves for a European look.

GrowTech Architectural Grade Greenhouse

With our rich history of providing high quality glass structures, we have developed our GrowTech line of greenhouses.  These greenhouses are an architectural grade product that meet or exceed commercial building codes thus allowing them to be used for classrooms and research facilities.  The are absolutely safe for people and plants in all weather conditions.  When you want a beautiful yet functional greenhouse, choose the #1 choice of architects.

We’ve built greenhouses for some of the top schools and universities in the country including: Arturo Velasquez Institute (Chicago IL), Virginia State University, Tom Ridge Environmental Center (Presque Isle), Wichita State University, Abraham Lincoln Elementary (Chicago IL), Maury River Middle School, Sauk River Rapids High School and many, many more.