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Your solarium has given you years of enjoyment, now it’s time to give it a little TLC.

What we do

Manufacture, install, and service sunrooms & solariums all across the United States – in business since 1980


Whether your sunroom has foggy glass, leaking panes, or a dreadful draft, we can help! It all starts with an inspection by one of our contracted installation specialists.


Once we know what needs to be repaired, our contracted installation specialist can give you a quote on the service needed.


Sunrooms, solariums, conservatories, and pool enclosures are only as good as the care they receive, after about 20 years it’s time to consider a replacement.

An Afterthought

Sunrooms, solariums, and pool enclosures are installed with the intention of providing years of enjoyment. However, when it comes to maintenance, these units are often treated as an afterthought or not considered at all. Unfortunately, between 15 to 20 years, many of these structures will require significant repairs or even replacement.

Replace Foggy Glass

Over time the seals and gaskets around the window panes dry out and crack. This causes the panes to fog up. Schedule a review of your unit to discover potential repair issues.

Insurance Repairs

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a stray golf ball or storm damage. We can work with your insurance company to bring your solarium back to its original beauty. 


Upgrade your existing, aging unit with a new conservatory, solarium, or sunroom, and immerse yourself in the harmony of nature throughout all four seasons. Embrace unobstructed views and enhanced energy efficiency, as you bid farewell to the limitations of your current structure and welcome a rejuvenated space that allows you to fully appreciate the ever-changing beauty of each passing season.

We’re a full-service company

We offer repair and rehabilitation services for older sunrooms, solariums, and pool enclosures that may not have today’s high-performance materials. We have repair specialists throughout the country.  

Using a company that offers turn-key services is a wise choice when considering a sunroom, solarium, or pool enclosure.

  • Review of the current unit, inspect for needed repairs
  • Glass replacement
  • Seals & gasket replacement
  • Structural frame repairs
  • Adding shades
  • Adding doors/opening windows
  • Replacement design assistance
  • Replacement unit installation

Living the sunny life

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Perfect! It’s exactly how we wanted them. The difference between our new solarium windows and our old curved UV-damaged Lexan ones is like night and day.

Nicole Hergold of California

We are experienced

We Have Over 40 Years of Experience in The Industry

Designed and manufactured in Wichita KS, these structures are anything but ordinary! They feature unique accessory and shade tracks that let you hang plants and lighting effortlessly.

Customers love the durable and beautifully crafted glazed structures, which bring architectural beauty to any home.

We offer a wide range of products, including skylights, greenhouses, pool enclosures, and conservatories.

With over 25,000 completed projects in all 50 states (and Canada!) Sunshine Rooms has you covered when it comes to cozy sunrooms, conservatories with a view, and breathtaking greenhouses.

our services

Our contracted installation specialists review structures from all manufacturers, nationwide.

It doesn’t matter what company or brand provided your current sunroom or solarium.  It doesn’t matter where you are located. We can inspect them all through our review process.

Brands include:
Four Seasons | Sun Systems | Solar Innovations | Florian | Solarium Systems | California Solariums | American | Sun Place | Suncraft | English | Lord & Burnham

Professional inspection and evaluation

High-quality replacement glass

The new view is worth it!

Teams working all across the U.S.

Our room opens up to our backyard and deck. It was hard to view the back of the house. Now we watch and feed the birds. Our cats love to sit on the spa cover and enjoy the view!

Thanks for your quick response in handling the broken glass issue.  The bad pane had taken in moisture and I’m still not sure how the glass broke.  Thanks again!

Perfect! It’s exactly how we wanted them. The difference between our new solarium windows and our old curved UV-damaged Lexan ones is like night and day.

The sunroom is now my favorite room in the house, where I enjoy my morning coffee, and have even entertained small groups of people.

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