Product Reviews

Customer Comments

Since 1980 we’ve been building the best in sunrooms, solariums, conservatories, greenhouses and pool enclosures.  Here are just a few of the many comments from our customers.

Exceptional customer service

As a residential builder of upper bracket homes, I have worked with Sunshine Rooms on several projects in the Kansas City area. I have found the company to be extremely accommodating to work with and have had a very good experience with their finished products as well as their exceptional customer service long after the sale was complete.
Don Julian of Kansas 

High quality product

Thanks so much for a high quality product and excellent installation. This is a major enhancement to our home.
Allan VanDeventer

Life changing

Our sunroom has changed our lives! It has become the living area preferred by me and the cats.
Julie and Eric Sodee of Virginia

Very impressed

I would recommend your product to others. I am very impressed with both the quality of materials and the precision of machining to meet my specific needs.
Thomas Kietzman of Indiana

Fits our needs

It’s like being outside on a nice day even when the weather isn’t all that nice . . . We are glad we had this installation. The product fits our needs.
Don and Linda Irwin of Colorado

Very pleased

We are very pleased with the new sunroom addition to our home. It has turned an outside deck into a functional added entertaining area off of our living room.
Jim Rinella of Arizona

Very positive experience

I have had a very positive experience with Sunshine Rooms, Inc. in connection with the purchase and construction of my sunroom.
Scott Heaton of Nevada

Like night and day

Perfect! It’s exactly how we wanted them. The difference between our new solarium windows and our old curved UV-damaged Lexan ones is like night and day.
Nicole Hergold of California

Patience and expertise

“I can’t believe the patience that [Sunshine Rooms had] dealing with me, my architect, my co-op engineer, my contractor . . . I don’t think I would have been able to complete the project without [your] expertise.
Jen Douglas of New York

Very happy

The room is used as JoAnn’s art studio and the lighting is just what she needs. We also find as we sit on the couch that the world seems to be at peace. We enjoy sitting and looking at the countryside. It is interesting to sit and watch behind the waterfall when we have a rain storm. We are very happy with our sun room. Whenever we have company in our home they love to move into the sun room and enjoy the peacefulness it offers. It really adds character to our home.
Ray and JoAnn Swearingen of Kansas

We love it!

The long winters in Chicago seem less dark and depressing, especially in the early morning. Our bedroom basks with the early light now. We love it!
Martha Farmer of Illinois

Amazing light show

We all watched a lightning storm from our room. It felt like we were a flash cube… it was neat.
Mr. and Mrs. Shull of Kansas

Our home is a showplace

It made the house a showplace. People would drive by and stop and look or walk by and look and want to come in.
Kenneth Mall of Illinois

Our only room

The only problem we have with our room is that it´s the only room we spend any time in.
Mrs. Hollis of Kansas

My favorite room

The sunroom is now my favorite room in the house, where I enjoy my morning coffee, and have even entertained small groups of people.
Leila Hemmingson of Kansas

Many years of enjoyment

I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment from this addition to my home and would like to recommend Al and the folks at Sunshine Rooms to anyone interested in a room for this type of purpose.
Jean Ann Hoffman of Kansas

Always wanted one

LOVE MY ROOM! Always wanted one and had saved my dream picture for 15 years. Can´t believe I finally did it!
Bonnie Scott of Washington

Very versatile

We are thrilled with the way our room turned out. Based on the ideas from our dealer, our room was very versatile.
Mrs.Polly Enting of Kansas

Well engineered

Recently I built a sunroom and I wish to compliment you on the design of your product. The Sunshine Room was well engineered, accurately built and easy to assemble.
Daniel G. Grant of Iowa


It´s wonderful. My flowers love it. So do we!
Robert and Nancy Woodward of Colorado

Very happy

We would do it exactly the same way. We are very happy.
R & J Collins  of California

Should have

We should have made it larger.
R. Buchridge of California

Enjoy the view

Our room opens up to our back yard and deck. Before we added it; it was hard to view the back of the house. Now we watch and feed the birds. Our cats love to sit on the spa cover and enjoy the view!
Royce and Cheryl White of Kansas

Very beautiful


We just added our second Sunshine Room. The view from inside includes both our pool and our 20 acre lake, very beautiful.
RJ Maples of Nebraska

Many activities

We use the room for many activities – eating, entertaining, reading, recreation (spa), and growing plants.
Robert Shilling of Ohio

Love it!

I love our sunroom. I visualized one for 13 years! We all enjoy the room!
Jan Losli of Oregon

Adds pleasure

We really enjoy our sunroom and spa. It adds pleasure to our daily living.
Claude Tatum of Texas

Enjoy it every day

We love the room. Thoroughly enjoy every day, and we put in a flower garden outside to view from inside.
Dave Polock of Washington


Highlight of the home

Our sunroom has become the highlight of our home. It´s GREAT!
R & C Bickman of Texas


We procrastinated for years. Finally we did it and now we can´t believe we agonized over such a wonderful product.
David and Rebecca Foxworthy of Arkansas


We´ve surrounded our room with birdfeeders, and it´s become an entertainment center. It´s PERFECT!
Carl and Vickie Johnson of Mississippi

Looking forward to spring

I love being able to be inside in warmth and enjoy the outside surrounding me. This is a relatively dark area, and with the lights off, you could drown in the sparkling stars and moonshine. I am looking forward to starting my spring flowers and vegetables without a grow bulb.
Julie Nightingale of Kansas

“John, We are enjoying our solarium… Many thanks, Dr. Reader” – 12-21-13 Wichita, KS

“Well pleased.” Mr. George Clark – Vancouver, WA

“Just love it!” Pam and Jamie Moore – ´94 Thorton, CO

“We are very satisfied with our room. We have received many compliments on it.” Arnold Boman – ´93 Manzanola, CA

“It turned out perfect, and everyone loves it.” Bob and Diane Raftis – ´92 Marion, IA

“Excellent Room.” Margret Ward – ´95 Silver Springs, MD

“A great addition to our home!” S & J Cummings – ´96 Cheyenne, WY

“Well done!” Len Yurkovic – Pocono Summit, PA

“The product is great!” George Wood – Rossford, OH