How it Works

Our Sunshine Room purchasing process allows you to receive professional service, competitive pricing, and quality installation.

Step 1 – Initial Contact:


Whether you contact us through our website or call us directly, you can expect a courteous response. We will ask you a few questions about your vision for the addition:

  • Size of room or pool enclosure you would like to have
  • The room style you prefer (curved eave, straight eave, lean-to etc.)
  • Model you prefer 
  • If there will be any construction concerns like obtaining homeowner association (HOA) approval
  • Your ideal budget for the room addition

We’ll also ask for photos of the area that you’ll be enclosing with the new room or swimming pool area so we get a visual idea of how things will need to be manufactured.  Once we’ve got all of your information together our estimator will get a preliminary quote together.  The quote will include any of our current promotions or special incentives.

Step 2 – Consultation and Design Quote

We will review the preliminary quote with you and discuss your questions or additional options.  

Once you are comfortable with the design, and the details of the related construction have been covered, all we need to get the process moving is your approval with a signature and a small deposit.

Many projects will move forward with contingencies for homeowners association (HOA) and pending bank financing. We will guide you through both of these processes.

Step 3 – Manufacturing Process

Once your project moves into the production phase your consultant will be in contact with you regularly to keep you up to date on the progress.
We take great pride in building you a custom sunshine room that is completely manufactured in the United States!

Detailed Drawings of Your New Space

The first thing we do at our manufacturing facility is to create a set of detailed shop drawings for you to review and approve. Once these are completed (usually 2 weeks), your consultant will review these drawings with you and either approve them for manufacturing or make the necessary changes you request. If changes are needed, you can either approve the drawings as noted or request that you review them again for final approval.

Manufacturing Production Scheduled

When approved the project is released to operations, and your new room goes on the production schedule. Depending on the complexity of the room, the manufacturing process normally takes approximately 8-12 weeks to complete.  Extremely custom rooms or custom-painted units may require additional time.

Shipping to Your Location

When the glass room is ready for installation it will be shipped directly to your home pending installation by our installation team (or you may choose to self install). You will be contacted by our installation manager to review installation procedures and schedule.

Step 4 – Construction & Installation

Related Construction

A few projects require construction work that is not part of our agreement. This could include

  • architectural drawings,
  • permitting,
  • demolition,
  • concrete work,
  • masonry,
  • electrical,
  • carpentry work,
  • plumbing, etc.

We will review any anticipated construction with you and our construction consultant (an experienced 3rd party) will oversee and guide you through this step.


Construction & Installation

After the architectural drawings have been approved by you, the construction consultant will obtain at least 3 quotes from qualified contractors in your area. Quotes will be reviewed and the consultant will advise you as to which contractor to select.

The selected contractor will obtain a permit, if necessary, and begin the related construction work.  The construction consultant will be in contact with the contractor on a daily basis to assure the job progresses on schedule and as anticipated.

When the related construction is done and the site of your new room is ready,  our installation team takes over and erects the glass room. Our installation teams are factory trained. In most markets, this will not be the contractor who provided the related construction.

Many of our installers have been working with us for a very long time and also install our large commercial projects across the United States.  You can be certain that you are receiving a quality installed product. The best product in the world will not work well if it is not installed properly.


After the installation is completed the contractor who provided the related construction usually has a few small items to complete.  That’s it, you’re ready to take in the view from your new Sunshine Room!