Glass Options

Glass selections for our glazed structures, GrowTech Greenhouses, and Oasis Pool Enclosures

Our standard insulated glass offering is:

Exterior lite – 1/4″ fully tempered clear glass
Interior lite on roofs – 1/4″ heat strengthened, laminated glass with .060 inner layer
Interior lite on walls – 1/4″ fully tempered cleaer glass
Coatings and fillings – SilverCoat E366 (Cardinal 366) and argon gas
Overall thickness: 1″

Optional glass selections are virtually endless:

✔️Tints (bronze, gray, blues, greens, etc.)

✔️Low-e coatings from all manufacturers: Viracon, Cardinal, Guardian, Pilkington, Vitro, etc.
✔️Ultra-clear (low iron) for maximum clarity, preferred in greenhouses and museums.
✔️ Hurricane-rated inner layers, .090 and SentryGard
✔️Decorative ceramic frit elements: dots, lines, holes, chicken wire, and custom designs
✔️Internal grids

Optional polycarbonate selections for GrowTech Greenhouses, glazed structures,  and Oasis Pool Enclosures include:

✔️25mm thickness (1″) multi-wall (preferred thickness)
✔️Colors: clear, white/opal, bronze, gray, blue, green, etc.

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Glass performance ratings

In the early 1980s when skylights, sunrooms, and glazed structures became popular the only glass options were single pane, double pane, or insulated glass.
Unfortunately, even though attractive,  this type of glass did not allow spaces to be heated or cooled very effectively.  Glass technology has made great advances since the 80s. Spaces with skylights and even glazed structures today can be heated and cooled efficiently.

Our SilverCoat E-366 and Solarban 70XL are the best value in glass available. It’s manufactured especially for Crystal Structures by Cardinal Glass,  one of the premier glass manufacturing and coating companies in the world.  Our Solarban 70XL is made by Vitro (PPG) and is considered equal to SilverCoat E-366.  Based on the availability, project size, and logistics of the project we may elect to use Solarban 70XL in place of SilverCoat E-366 – both are high-performance glass options.

Benefits of our high-performance glass:

  • Clear insulated glass gives a clear view inside and out.
  • Fully tempered safety glass on each part of the glazing unit, overhead glazing is laminated for safety
  • Increased energy performance since the air cavity is filled with argon gas
  • Dual seals, one for moisture and one for structural adhesion
  • Bent spacers, one joint instead of four
  • 3 special silver low-e coatings on the number 2 side of the glass
  • Up to 10 year warranty against fogging or separation
  • SilverCoat 366 and Solarban 70XL coatings are almost clear
SilverCoat Model: Solar Heat Gain
Light to Solar Gain R
U Value Daylight
Recommended Use
SilverCoat E-366 0.27 2.44 4.2 0.24 66% General conditioned space
Solarban 70XL 0.27 2.37 3.7 0.27 64% General conditioned space
A Few Optional Low-E Coatings
SilverCoat E-340 0.18 2.17 4.0 0.25 39%  Southern climates
SilverCoat E-272 0.41 1.75 4.0 0.25 72%  Northern climates / greenhouses
Solarban 60XL 0.38 1.84 3.7 0.27 70%  Northern climates, more light & heat
Clear Dual Insulated (no Low-E) 0.78 1.05 2.0 0.58 82%  Production greenhouses, requires more heat and cooling

If laminated glass is used, the UV transmission is zero (0)

Many other Low-E coatings are available from Pilkington, Guardian, Old Castle, and Viracon.