Our Grandview sunrooms and patio enclosures offer a panoramic view of your beautiful surroundings.  These sunrooms feature thermally broken frames and hi-performance glass that will allow you and your family to enjoy the room year round.

Sun rooms are great for:

  • Family gatherings and entertaining
  • Exercise area
  • Reading room
  • Spa or hot tub use
  • Playroom for kids

It’s a versatile home addition that will serve your family for years to come.

The Grandview system is so much easier, faster and more affordable than constructing traditional walls and windows. Fixed glass panels are fully tempered for maximum strength and safety.  Our “below the site-line” awning windows allow ventilation and air movement while not obstructing the view with unsightly screens.


Unobstructed Views

The best views are unobstructed by screens, aluminum, and sliders. The fixed glass offers superior safety, comfort, and energy performance.  Virtually unbreakable tempered safety glass comes standard with our Grandview sunrooms.

Year-Round Comfort

Improved comfort comes with the optional SilverCoat Lo-E, hi-performance glass that reduces solar heat gain and ultra violet light penetration.  

All Weather Conditions

Our GrandView roof system is constructed out of 4-ply insulated OSB 4 Ply Roof System snap-together panels. It is pre-engineered for heavy snow loads and has great energy savings properties.

Features include:

  • 4″ thick, 4-ply, aluminum/OSB/foam/aluminum
  • Snaps together to prevent leaks
  • Allows you to shingle the exterior side to match your home and to prevent dents from hail
  • The interior is pre-finished so you don’t have to use drywall and paint
  • Gutters and downspout

Imagine yourself enjoying the comfort and view with the Grandview sunroom home addition.

Solariums and more

Glazed Structures

If you are interested in adding a full glass room to your home, start here with our glazed structure collection of solariums, conservatories, and cathedral styles.  These rooms are bursting with the energy of sunlight, they are the “feel good” room in your home.

Pool Enclosures

Unlike many lightweight, temporary pool enclosures or covers, our buildings can be fully insured.  As a customer, you will receive a project-specific, stamped, and certified engineering report prepared by a licensed structural engineer from your state.


Our greenhouses are designed to meet today’s building codes and to withstand virtually any weather. They can be fully insured and meet all liability standards. GrowTech© greenhouses have many unique features and benefits that make growing easy and fun.

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