Oasis Pool Enclosures

Five styles to keep you swimming all year long.

All of our swimming pool enclosures are considered permanent buildings that will meet your local building codes.  Unlike many lightweight, temporary pool enclosures or covers, our buildings can be fully covered by your homeowner’s insurance.  As a customer, you will receive a project-specific, stamped, and certified engineering report prepared by a licensed structural engineer from your state.

Bel Aire

Jamaican Pool Enclosure

Curved eave enclosure


Oyster Bay Pool Enclosure

Segmented end for a curved look


Cabo Pool Enclosure

Straight eave with a hipped end.


Havana Pool Enclosure

Straight eave enclosure


Barbados Pool Enclosure

Almost fully curved end with multiple segments

And . . . we design, build, and install custom styles too!