Havana Pool Enclosure

When you choose the Havana pool enclosure you’ll be getting a practical, functional solution to year-round swimming. This style of straight eave swimming pool enclosure has all the basic features you’ll need to keep the weather out and the fun in!

Havana Pool Enclosure Features

  • Choose from polycarbonate or glass for the roof and side walls.
  • Sliding glass doors at each end are both functional and allow for a breeze to come through
  • Optional doors/windows along the sides for venting
  • Intake louvers and exhaust fans to keep the air moving inside help prevent condensation.
  • Choose from a bronze or white frame finish
  • 10-year warranty on frame, glass, & polycarbonate (see written warranty for details)
  • Click here to view a complete list of standard inclusions and options.

Average price*:

  • Oasis Model (polycarbonate roof & wall panels): $70 – $95 per square foot
  • Oasis XT Model (polycarbonate roof, dual pane glass walls): $100 – $125 per square foot
  • Grand Oasis Model (all glass unit): $135 + per square foot

View the features and options list here.

*Prices estimates per square foot (length x width of pool enclosure). All average estimated prices are subject to adjustments for live loads, the width of the building, polycarbonate type, glass upgrades, and accessories. Live loads refer to the amount of snow, wind, etc. that the building will be able to withstand and are based on your area building code requirements.

Three Models to choose from: 

  • Oasis (all poly)
  • Oasis XT (poly roof, glass sides)
  • Grand Oasis (all glass)

View the features & options list here.

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Measuring Information

System Information
Estimated spans for each system based on 25lb live load & 90mph wind load.

Glass Options || Frame Finishes

Rafter Spacing:  Our standard bay spacing is 3’ 2¼”.

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