Frequent Questions

About Swimming Pool Enclosures

The decision to enclose your swimming pool is no small thing.  From the size of the building to the budget, you’ll want to have all of the facts before you decide.  These are some of our most frequent questions when it comes to swimming pool enclosures.

Will I be able to use my swimming pool all year long?

Yes! That’s the reason many pool owners opt for a permanent swimming pool enclosure.  

During the warm summer months, you’ll be able to open the doors and windows.  During the cold winter months, the enclosure will make swimming fun and comfortable.

What is the difference between the telescoping models and an Oasis?

The Oasis Pool Enclosure is a permanent structure. It’s built to the same building codes as your home and is able to withstand the weather just as your home would.  Over time, the number of years you’ll be able to enjoy the pool and pool enclosure will more than pay for itself.

What’s the difference between the enclosure models?

Our base model is made with aluminum and polycarbonate for the walls and roof, the next model has dual pane, hi-performance glass sides with a polycarbonate roof, and our top-of-the-line is made with dual pane glass all around. Of course, we can customize a pool enclosure to meet your needs – just ask!

What’s the largest size you can build?

The largest we’ve built to date is 5600 sq ft. That’s larger than most homes and it is currently used as additional entertaining space as well as a pool enclosure.

Yes, we can build larger but most people opt for a space that comfortably accommodates their swimming pool and an extra lounging area. Structures that are very large may require an additional steel sub-structure.

Will it keep my child out?

The great thing about pool enclosures is that the doors can be shut and they can be completely locked up. As long as your child does not have access to the key they can’t get in. This also helps with liability from neighborhood kids trying to get in when you are away.

Can the Oasis pool enclosure be attached to my home?

Yes! Many homeowners have pool enclosures that are built as an additional room to their home, simply walk in to access the swimming pool.

Can leaves and bugs get in the enclosure?

Not really, with the full structure covering the pool, there isn’t a way for pests, dust or debris to get blown in.  You’ll save hours not having to clean your pool.

Will I need to control the humidity with a dehumidifier?

Not necessarily.  The amount of humidity in your pool enclosure will depend on your environment (outside), the temperature of your swimming pool (inside), and what type of vents /airflow you have. 

Condensation occurs when the water evaporates off the pool and rises to the ceiling.  With vents that allow air to flow through the condensation is significantly reduced.  When you aren’t using the pool you might find a flat pool cover to be effective as well.

I want to use my pool in the winter. How warm is the room under the pool enclosure?

The pool enclosure itself is partially warmed by the water in the pool.  It also gets some heat from the sun.  Nonetheless, you may need to have a heater installed if your cold climate experiences long bouts of freezing temperatures. Most of the time, small infrared heaters will be enough to warm the entertainment area.

What is the pool enclosure made of?

Our pool enclosures are made of aluminum framing (never rusts) and polycarbonate or glass sides/roofs.  The framing components are thermally broken to reduce heat loss/heat gain.  The dual pane glass has a Low-E coating to reduce UV rays and excessive heat gain.

Does the Oasis Pool Enclosure include doors or windows?

Yes! You can have multiple sliding doors to really get the feeling of having an “open-air” space or just windows for airflow.  It’s up to you how you would like to customize your pool enclosure.

What is the glazing made of?

Glazing (the panels between the aluminum framework) can be made of 10 mm – 25 mm, multi-wall polycarbonate, 1″ tempered safety glass, or  SCE-366 w/Argon Gas for better heating/cooling efficiency.

What is the frame made of?

The frame is an all-aluminum structure that won’t rust. All fasteners are made of stainless steel and covered with an aluminum cap to enhance the overall appearance.

What makes the Oasis Pool Enclosure permanent?

The pool enclosure is permanent because it is mounted on the concrete deck on top of a proper foundation – just like your house.  The structure can be mounted to a “knee wall” or to the actual concrete foundation. Once built, the pool enclosure cannot be moved or easily disassembled.

How is the Oasis Pool Enclosure installed?

There are 2 options.  Some homeowners prefer to do the installation themselves but most of the time we have an installation crew come out and complete the pool enclosure on top of a prepared surface.  Our crews are strategically located around the United States and ready to install new jobs as the structures are completed at our manufacturing facility.

What kind of foundation is required?

Since this is a permanent structure, the foundation must have footings to support the weight of the pool enclosure AND meet your building codes.  Usually, that means a foundation with a rebar that takes the local freezing depth of the ground.  The surface (deck with proper foundation) is prepared by an independent contractor hired by you, the homeowner – don’t worry, we have a consultant who can help navigate you through the process.

Can I install the enclosure on my wood or faux wood deck? Plastic Deck?

No. This structure is sturdy and has some weight to it. You’ll need a proper foundation to support the Oasis Pool Enclosure.

What is the life expectancy of the Oasis Pool Enclosure?

The pool enclosure is built to last.  And, because it’s built to your area building codes, it can be fully insured by your homeowner’s policy as a part of your home (not an outbuilding).

Do I need planning permission for this type of pool enclosure?

A building permit will be pulled for this project  (by you or your contractor) if required and you might need approval from your local homeowner’s association (if you reside in that type of development).

How expensive is an Oasis Pool Enclosure?

The cost is based on the size and materials. Please review our building types and use our measurement guide for a ballpark estimate.