Curved-eave, lean-to style

Features & Benefits

Your safety is of the utmost importance.  That’s why GrowTech© greenhouses are designed and built to meet your local COMMERICAL BUILDING codes which far exceed national greenhouse codes. All plans are reviewed and stamped by a professional engineer in your state.

  • Obtain spans well into the 30’ range.
  • Can be designed with or without glazed end walls.
  • All aluminum frame, no rust!
  • Thermally enhanced frames reduce heat/cold transfer
  • Stainless steel fasteners, no rust
  •  4 weepage channels in every rafter, drains condensation
  • Seamless snap-in pressure plate covers, no unsightly bolts that create dirt trails
  • Built-in shade tracks designed for the Comfort Glide shade system
  • Built-in accessory track allows for easy hanging of lightweight articles without drilling holes in the frame
  • 10-year frame finish and glass warranty



System Selection
Estimated spans for each system based on 25lb live load & 90mph wind load.

Glass Options || Frame Finishes

Rafter Spacing:  Our standard bay spacing is 3’ 2¼”.

Greenhouse accessory packages:

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