Staycation Destination

Project Details

  • Location: Northeast Ohio
  • Product: 32 ft x 52 ft Pool enclosure
  • Special features: Accordian bi-fold doors, ceiling fans, motorized roof vents

When a family decides to add a swimming pool to their home, they quickly learn how much they enjoy being in and around the pool. It’s a great way to spend time with kids, and a way to keep those kids and grandkids, coming back after they leave home. As the weather changes, it soon becomes evident that everyone is going to miss those fun times generated by the swimming pool.

When the Maynards built their swimming pool, they knew that the northeast Ohio weather would make the swim season a short one, 2 to 3 months at most. The cold fronts from Canada meet with warm fronts from the Gulf of Mexico and mix to give the region about 40 inches of rain and 28 inches of snow each year. Then there is the additional maintenance to consider with the weather changes.

Pam and Bob Maynard delight in spending time with their grown children and grandchildren. In fact, the swimming pool was built more for the kids, “Our kids about 30% and grandkids 50%,” confessed Bob. They knew that entertaining the family poolside was something they wanted to enjoy year-round.”

Those considerations lead the couple to investigate the option of covering the swimming pool with a structure for year-round swimming. A search on the internet led them to Oasis Pool Enclosures.

The Oasis Pool Enclosure is a product of Crystal Structures, a company that offers design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of pool enclosures. While there are many different types of pool covers and enclosures, Oasis Pool Enclosures are permanent structures constructed to area building codes. This type of home addition is fully covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Once Bob and Pam decided on adding an Oasis enclosure to their swimming pool, they received assistance from the Sunshine Rooms sales and engineering staff.

“We designed and built a wonderful party center for our family right in the middle of COVID,” said Bob. “I’ve never worked with more pleasant people from the ground up.”

“Bob was incredibly knowledgeable of the construction process and they knew what they wanted but weren’t sure exactly how it would work,” said Gus Frey, National Sales Manager at Sunshine Rooms. “We worked closely with them to ensure the pool  enclosure would not only look fantastic but would withstand the elements and last for
generations to come.”

The Maynards settled on the Grand Oasis model.

The pool enclosure is about 32’ across and 52’ in length. The frame features a bronze finish. The enclosure includes 8 motorized windows along the top for venting and 3 bifold doors. When it was all finished, the pool enclosure was 1664 square feet of space to swim and entertain.

Roy Schmucker and his team completed the installation of the pool enclosure on-site for the Maynards. “Bob was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge of construction and willingness to assist with the site prep made completing this job a breeze,” said Roy.

When asked about his favorite feature Bob replied, “The peace & quiet at night floating around in the warm water with my wife. It’s a perfect time to chat about our day, our life, and our future. Also, the mayhem when the kids are in it.”

Glass top pool enclosure

Because of the quality of the structure and the extra space, the Maynards have big plans beyond swimming indoors, “We will entertain in there as we have a full kitchen and 2 baths,” said Bob, “We are planning our Thanksgiving dinner for maybe 30 people out there. . . I’d like to turn it into a winter wonderland for Christmas. Have about a 14’ tree …etc.”

What would Bob say to someone looking for a swimming pool enclosure?

“We are both so glad that we went with a ‘commercial’ type building instead of a lightweight plastic structure. It’s very comforting to be inside that building, even when the wind is blowing.”

The Oasis is a permanent part of the Maynard home and will be something the family enjoys for years to come.

Swimming pool enclosure
Glasstop pool enclosure
Pool enclosure under construction
Sunshine Pool Enclosure
Swimming pool enclosure
Pool enclosure interior
Pool enclosure lighting