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Just how long will a solarium or greenhouse last?

Built to Last for Generations: How Modern Solariums Stand the Test of Time

Unlike flimsy options built even a decade ago, today’s tempered glass, UV-filtering improvements, and powder-coated architectural aluminum can extend the lifespan of your solarium dramatically with proper care. 

A few of the key features that make your solarium stand the test of time.

All aluminum thermally broken frames.  Our signature aluminum framework features thermal breaks that eliminate conduction, keeping interior temperatures comfortable. The powder-coated finish resists corrosion and fading.

No Exposed Screws. Fasteners are hidden for an ultra-clean look. With no screws exposed to the elements, there is less chance of leaks leading to structural issues over time and you won’t see rust trails.

UV Blocking Dual Pane Glass. We utilize tempered (or laminated) dual-pane glass that filters over 98% of harmful UV rays. The argon-filled space between the panes improves temperature regulation.

In addition to premium materials, we focus on weather-tight architectural designs that stand the test of time. We take pride in building durable, worry-free additions that only improve with age through proper care.

Here are our top tips for maximizing the lifespan of your solarium or greenhouse.

Regularly inspect seals & framing. Check seals around windows/doors for any cracks annually. Inspect aluminum framing for signs of damage. Address any issues right away to prevent water intrusion.

Clean the glass thoroughly at least twice per year. Use a gentle glass cleaner and a soft cloth to avoid scratching. This keeps the glass transparent for light.

Ensure proper ventilation. Consider opening doors/windows on dry days to promote airflow.

Check and clean the weep holes regularly.  Our units come with drainage capabilities to wick water away from the glass.  But just like gutters, debris can build up in these channels. A simple cleaning with a pipe cleaner does the trick. 

Reseal or replace gaskets as they become worn. Maintain pliable seals around openings to prevent drafts and keep out the elements. This straightforward fix goes a long way!

With our top-quality materials and proper care, your beautiful solarium from Sunshine Rooms can stay structurally sound and enhance your living space for 30+ years.  Here’s to many years soaking up the sun in your sanctuary!

Solarium Maintenance Q & A

What are some early signs I should look out for that may indicate a need for solarium repairs?

It’s important to regularly inspect your solarium, at least once per season, and look for any signs of moisture intrusion or structural issues. Small leaks around windows and doors, condensation building up between panes of glass, visible cracks or damage to the framework, worn-out gaskets leading to drafts – these are all indications that repairs or preventative maintenance may be needed. Addressing minor issues right away prevents extensive water damage or other problems down the line.

Should I clean the glass from the inside or outside? Are there any special techniques I should use when cleaning the glass to avoid damaging it?

Start by cleaning the interior glass first using a gentle cleaner and soft cloth, wiping in vertical motions followed by horizontal strokes across the panes. This allows you to avoid drips onto exterior finishes. Use the same side-to-side wiping technique on exterior glass, working top to bottom with a long-handled brush and mild cleaner. Never use harsh chemical or abrasive products that could scratch or damage the specialized tempered glass. The proper methods will remove debris and keep the panes transparent without weakening them.

How often should I have my solarium professionally inspected?

Like every other home, an annual examination is recommended. A professional inspection provides peace of mind that everything is structurally optimized to last over 30 years. Catching minor building shifts or component wear early on allows for less costly repairs over the lifespan of your valuable addition.

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