Design Tips for Sunny Living

Are you thinking about adding a sunroom, solarium, or conservatory to your home?  It’s an addition that will give you years of enjoyment especially if you plan ahead.  This article is part one of our Design Tips series.  We hope you’ll be able to review these ideas, suggestions, and tips and get the most out of your new room.

Many people start searching for a sunroom because they want a light-filled room in which they can see the sky, horizon, and the beauty of nature.  If that is what you are looking for, you want a solarium.

You’ll find many “sun room” dealers who offer rooms with many windows or even “window walls” with a traditional roof.  That is exactly what a sunroom is – a room with many windows and a roof. Sometimes the roof may include skylights for an enhanced view.  But that doesn’t really give you the full view that you get with a glass roof solarium.  A true solarium gives you a panoramic view of the world outside without obstructions.

Now that you know the basic difference, here are some things to consider about shapes and styles.

The majority of solariums (and sunrooms) are attached to a home in a “lean-to” style. In other words, the roof of the solarium “leans into” the house as support. If you don’t have a lot of space to add your solarium a lean-to style will provide the extra room while not taking up a lot of your property. Most homeowners add the solarium at the back of the home where sliding doors provide access although a lean-to can also be on the front of the home.

The other option is the “cathedral” style. This is a solarium that has a center ridge peak, like the top of your house where the roof meets at the apex. The cathedral style can be an elegant extension of your home with plenty of room for entertaining.

Finally, some homeowners want a truly classic look. A conservatory-style solarium offers a classic design with segmented outer walls and hipped roof lines.

From breakfast nooks to fully functional living rooms, a conservatory-style solarium will provide a beautiful aesthetic from the outside, enhancing your home’s value and eye appeal.

One of the many unique features of a Sunshine Room is the ability to have “curved” eaves.  Eaves are where the walls meet the roof.  With a curved eave, there is no segmentation at the eave, the glass is curved to meet the roof.

Once you’ve decided which design is best for your home, it’s time to think about how to make your room the most comfortable and durable considering your geographic location.   Watch for our next article in this series for more information.

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