Do You Need an Architect for a Sunroom or Solarium Addition?

Sunshine Rooms, Inc. has been advising homeowners and creating custom sunrooms and solariums for over 40 years, We are often asked if hiring an architect is necessary for this type of addition. While you can certainly go to an architect, our experienced design team offers comparable expertise and services without the added architect fees.

Our structural designers understand the important structural considerations for solariums and sunrooms, including specialized foundation work to handle glass walls and roofing. We stay up-to-date on relevant permits, codes, and regulations to ensure your addition is fully compliant.

We optimize the placement, angle, size, and custom details based on your home’s unique footprint and surroundings. Factors like sunlight, views, tree coverage, and neighbor privacy are all taken into account by our team. We’ll design the space to meet your functional needs with lighting, temperature control, and any other customizations.

At Sunshine Rooms, we have relationships with reputable construction teams to build your addition properly. We only use top quality glass and materials that meets your budget while achieving the perfect aesthetics and performance. Throughout the process, you’ll have an experienced advocate overseeing everything.

Some homeowners think a basic sunroom kit may be an affordable option, but quality and comfort issues often arise down the road, resulting in added costs. Our exquisitely designed sunrooms and solariums feel like a natural extension of your living space.

If you want a year-round garden room or sunny oasis perfectly tailored to your home, our team of expert Sunshine Rooms designers can make your vision a reality, all at a fraction of what an architect would charge. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your sunroom or solarium plans.


We use the room for many activities – eating, entertaining, reading, recreation (spa), and growing plants.

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Salem, OH

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