It’s worth noting that a permanent enclosure can give you a very high return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Building a Custom Swimming Pool Enclosure

So you’ve looked at the photos, read about the many benefits and now you’re ready to find out the price of a pool enclosure.

Asking for a quote to build your custom swimming pool enclosure is a bit like asking what the price would be for a new home – that really depends on what you have in mind.  Factors like pool size, shape, amount of deck space, and if the enclosure is connected to the home are just a few of the cost variables.

Permanent vs. portable

There are many types of pool enclosures available.  Most of them are portable style. Portable enclosures generally cost less than permanent enclosures, with some starting at just $400. These are usually made from lightweight materials, not insulated, and are not built on an actual concrete foundation.

It’s worth noting that a permanent enclosure can give you a very high return on investment when it comes time to sell your home. The best way to ensure the highest value increase is to build a permanent enclosure that you’ll enjoy as much as other family and friends.

The Oasis swimming pool enclosures are built similarly to a conservatory or solarium. It follows the existing building codes in your area and is considered a permanent structure.  Because of this, your homeowner’s insurance will have no problem covering the pool enclosure as part of your home – something you’ll want when you make this type of investment.

Pool type & size

Swimming pool enclosures are usually built for in-ground, permanent swimming pools. The size of your pool, plus the deck (the area surrounding the pool) is where the majority of the cost is derived. A pool enclosure with at least a 7′ – 8′ height will allow for walking around the pool.  A 12’ x 24’ pool with a 3’ sidewalk will need an enclosure that covers 540 sq. ft.  Having a larger deck area of up to 6′ around for seating would then require an enclosure of 864 sq ft, so more framework and glass or polycarbonate panels would be required. The larger the pool and deck area combined, the larger the pool enclosure, and the more the cost increases, you get the idea.

Enclosure shape

The enclosures themselves have many different shapes you can choose from rectangles, hexagon ends, lanterns, and polygonal shapes. The shape you choose will affect how much the enclosure will cost.

Rectangular enclosures may have rounded tops, or be perfectly straight. The variety of eave styles and overall room shapes makes custom pool enclosures more of a personal resort at home.

Similar to other construction projects, the more simple the design, the less expensive the swimming pool enclosure will be.


The structural beams of standard enclosures are made from high-grade aluminum alloy. The transparent panels in between are often made from polycarbonate or glass.  All fasteners are made of stainless steel as well.  The materials used are high quality and designed not to corrode or wear prematurely.  After all, the enclosure is going to be surrounded by a wet environment year-round.

It’s also important to note that permanent swimming pool enclosures must have a solid foundation.  So part of the expense to consider is making sure the foundation is designed for the area’s soil conditions and landscapes. It’s important that the ground be able to accept the load transfer (weight) of the pool enclosure. This is an additional expense not included in the structure itself.

If you are just now building a swimming pool and want to enclose it don’t complete the deck area until you talk to us!


One of the things you may not have considered is the labor involved in installation services.  Pool enclosures are installed by specialty contractors who know how to handle polycarbonate, glass, and large aluminum tubes.  They also know about installing sliding glass doors, windows, and other accessories.

You should plan on at least  10-15 working days to fully install a custom pool enclosure.  The larger the swimming pool enclosure, the more time construction will take.

Adding it up

While a prefabricated pool enclosure will start at $15 per square foot. Custom swimming pool enclosures generally cost $65-$95 per square foot and up.

Some enclosures are also made to only cover the pool itself, only rising 1’ or 2’ above the surface. These are built on tracks for retractability, which come with their own issues.

Low enclosures are the least expensive standard enclosure types, costing $20-$35 per square foot – but you won’t have any room to walk or entertain.

Screened-in pool enclosures, with just screens, instead of glass or poly,  range from $5 to $15 per square foot. Screen enclosures do not provide protection from the weather, only debris, and insects. This makes them good for Southern climates only. They are unsuitable if you want a year-round enclosure and certainly not recommended for Northern climates.


How will I pay for this?

You may have planned for the expense of a pool enclosure. Maybe what you really want is a bit more than you planned. Or maybe this is your first look at enclosing your swimming pool and have no idea how to fund this project.  Many times our customers pay for the pool enclosure with a combination of savings and financing.  We do offer financing through HFS.

Optional improvements to consider

Seating areas & other rooms

This may surprise you, but the lounging area around the pool is actually used up to 3 times more than the pool itself!  Think of how much time you spend in the water vs on the side of the pool – it’s true!  If you’d like your enclosure to include a seating area or any other type of space for entertaining, you will have to add that area’s square footage to the pool and pool perimeter, then use that total square footage to calculate your costs.

Dehumidifiers, HVAC & Ventilation

If your pool enclosure is connected to your home you may want to consider a moisture barrier or dehumidifying system.  If you intend to entertain 12 months of the year in the swimming pool area, you may want to include an HVAC system to keep the room at a stable temperature. These are nice to have but expensive.  Most pool enclosures utilize natural ventilation and exhaust fans to keep the area comfortable

Goodbye Long Winter

The long winters in Chicago seem less dark and depressing, especially in the early morning. . . . We love it! And now we can swim year round.

Martha F.

Glencoe, IL

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