Being “up to code” means your family will be in a safe environment when enjoying the new addition to your home.

Swim Year-Round with Confidence: Why Oasis Pool Enclosures Are the Best Investment for Your Home

When you are thinking about purchasing a swimming pool enclosure, there’s a lot more to consider than just the ability to swim all year long.  You really want a pool enclosure that is structurally sound and will stand the test of time.  

Read on to learn why Oasis Pool Enclosures are the best building on the market.

 Structural Integrity.

Our swimming pool enclosures are considered permanent buildings. We use 6061-T6 structural aluminum on all structural members. The building will never rust.

We also design all swimming pool enclosures to meet local building codes in effect for your area. These strict codes don’t apply to sheds, canopies, garages or even hobby greenhouses, but they are required for homes and commercial buildings.

All customers receive a “project-specific” engineering report stamped by a structural engineer from your state. 

Our report will be based on YOUR enclosure and will include several all-important design factors.

  • Dead load: The weight of the pool enclosure itself.
  • Live or snow load: the weight of snow that could accumulate in your area
  • Wind load: the highest wind speed in your area
  • Allowable deflection: the amount that a structural member will deflect when all of the above loads are applied to the structure at the same time. And, the member will return to its original shape when the loads are removed. In other words: NO DAMAGE

Being “up to code” means your family will be in a safe environment when enjoying the new addition to your home.  Since 1980, with over 20,000 glazed projects we have never had a structural failure. Your family’s safety is more important than anything else.

Insulated Glazing

(Glazing is the glass or polycarbonate materials used for the walls/windows/ceiling of the pool enclosure. It’s also the term for installing all of these items.)
We use a multitude of insulated glazing materials because an insulated building significantly reduces condensation within the pool enclosure. It also reduces the dramatic temperature swings you experience in a glazed building with single panes.

An enclosure using a single pane plastic or glass will accumulate large amounts of condensation. So much so that any vibration of the building (door opening / closing, wind etc) causes the condensation droplets to fall. Even without vibration once the condensation droplets get so large they fall on their own – it’s a phenomenon we all know as rain. If you heat your pool in the winter months this creates even more condensation. Your entire swimming pool area will always be wet.


Our insulated pool enclosures will significantly reduce this problem which will increase usability and enjoyment. Unlike single-pane glass, all insulated glazing gives you the option to heat or cool your building in the future.

Custom Design

Our swimming pool enclosures are custom designed for your specific needs. And, there are several design elements we use to help reduce costs.  Everything is made in the United States, nothing is imported.

Most of our pool enclosures are designed with significant headroom to enjoy the space around the pool. Once the pool is covered, many families use the space around the pool for gathering, entertaining, and visiting, more than the actual pool itself.

There are a lot of companies that offer some version of a pool enclosure.  From flat vinyl covers to retractable polycarbonate (plastic) to grand conservatories.  Making the decision to purchase a cover for your swimming pool is a big decision and making the right choice at the start makes all the difference.

Pool Enclosure Q & A

What are the differences in cost between an Oasis pool enclosure and other options like vinyl covers or retractable enclosures?

The cost of an Oasis pool enclosure is higher than simple vinyl covers or basic retractable enclosures. However, our enclosures are custom-designed permanent structures built to meet local building codes using durable, long-lasting materials like structural aluminum and insulated glazing. This results in an investment that enhances safety, comfort and usability while standing the test of time. The increased upfront cost saves money over cheaper alternatives that require frequent replacement and provide less utility and enjoyment.

What custom design options are available for an Oasis pool enclosure?

Oasis pool enclosures allow for extensive custom design options. The shape, size, placement of doors and windows, interior layout to accommodate gatherings and flow, and more can all be customized to match your vision.  Our design team works closely with each customer to understand how their family plans to enjoy the space so we can optimize the custom design accordingly.

How long does it take to install an Oasis pool enclosure?

The installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of each custom design. Most projects are completed within 14-16 weeks start of manufacturing.  We manufacture all components at our production facilities in the United States to avoid delays in the construction timeline once onsite. Our sales and project management staff closely oversee the process and provide regular updates to keep you informed of progress and timelines.

Family Room

I love our pool enclosure. I visualized one for 13 years! We all enjoy the room!

Jan L

Gresham, OR

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